Don't Go Near the Water

Project 1 consits of a wed-based application which helps to visualizes data from London cholera outbreak in 1854 in many ways in R and Shiny application. My Shiny Dashboard Consits of two representation of this data.The first one is the line chat graph which shows the Deaths and Attacks by the Date it happned. The second box consits of the data table which shows total of ten entries per page of the Attacks, Death and the Date. To use this Dashboard is pretty simple. Fist to check the graph which is very visally to tell how many deaths and attack on that date to be occured and then you can also compare it in more data table manner by just moving downwards in the page which will take you to the data table. There are few things to check out with the data table since the data enteris on the left can be change based on user's wishes. Also, it user has any date to look for a convinent way is to use the search box on the right to search the data table by dates.

This image is the first visualization of the data. There are four line charts representing each different data computation. The Redline represents the attacks on that specific date and orange tells us about the cumulative sum of attacks on that day. There are two other lines which represents the death on that specific day which is the blue color and the pink color represents the sum of deaths on that day. The data thats been change is on the y-axis such as the number of attacks and death and one stedy input is the date which is the x-axis in this graph.This data is been collected in year 1854 so the x-axis only shows the month varriance and not the year.

The above image is the second way to represent the data of attacks and death in that year but using a different visualization. If we compare to the top graph our y-axis are on the left two coloumn and the right most coloumn is our x-axis representing the dates. There is a search bar to navigat through the data table if the user is looking for specifc date. Also the entries to be shown in the page can be changed using the top left dropdown menu which varries from 10-100 enteries per page.

The above is the link to the video going over the Dashboard's key component to use this application and the code to create this application.


In this project, I worked with data from 1854 London cholera outbreak based on data created and compiled by Robin Wilson (, - Jan 2011. I used the choleraDeaths file which is a tab seprated file to create the grpah and the data table.The first thing I did is to create a default shinydashboard which created a server based application. The next step was to create read in the file and manipulate the data. The way I manipulate the data is to change the date format from an abbreviation form of a month to a numerical format. The next step was to creat a row based dashboard which consits of the output of the data which create the user interface part of this application. Then the input of the data is handled by the server which is the place the graphs are plot and output to the interface. The last step is to run the appplication taking the input and output the data to the server application.


Click on the folder icon to download the folder to the application code with the data files included use to create the shinydashboard appplication.

Interesting Points

There were few intresting points can be noticed from this shiny application and it's visualization. If we take a look at the first graph there are two intresting points. The red line and blue overlap in starting and seprates in around September. The Attack was highest on one day and the other day the death was the highest the day after. The other two lines overlaps around 500 in total which tells how close the total is for attack and deaths over the day.